Quick & Easy Halloween Decorations for Your Office

Want to do up your office at work proper for Halloween? Well here’s 10 quick and easy ideas for implementing a fun and spooky look that will get you over with co-workers!

Ghosts – Shape some white wrapping paper over your hand and stuff the closed end with some more tissue paper or cotton. Then tie or wrap a rubber band around the stuffed end so that the stuffing won’t fall out, and it resembles a little head. And last but not least, draw a spooky face on it with marker.

Bats – Trace and cut an image of a bat out on black construction paper. You can cut out smaller shapes out of yellow or red construction paper to paste on to give your bats spooky eyes! Or buy some cheap rubber ones at a party novelty store. Hang them up all around!

Pumpkins – On your next trip to the grocery store, check out the produce section as they’ll usually have those little “pumpkin” gords this time of year.

Tombstones – Go to a craft store and buy a block of styrofoam and cut out little mini tombstones that you can write your own epitaphs upon with a marker. Just be cautious that your boss doesn’t see the one you made for him!

Witches Cauldron – Get a black plastic bowl, and fill it with candy for passing co workers!

Trick or Treat Bags – Get some small lunch bags and fill them up with goodies so they’re ready to hand out at work. Decorate the outsides with Halloween stickers.

Halloween Lighting – If your office policy permits, a small string of illuminated Halloween colored bulbs is usually inexpensive. And if you want to go all out? Budget priced lighting control units can be used to manipulate flicker and dimming effects!

Mood Music – If it won’t get you in trouble or disturb anyone else, stash a portable CD player somewhere in your office and play some spooky Halloween sound FX!

Spider Webs – Don’t be too much of a miser! A pack of stringy Halloween webbing is dirt cheap and goes a long way. Often the pack even includes a little plastic spider to complete the effect!

Spooky Halloween Fog – One of the oldest special effects tricks in the book! Go to the grocery store and ask for a small block of dry ice. Then get a container that won’t tip over too easily, fill it about 2/3 to 3/4 full of water. Plop the dry ice in, and stick it someplace on the floor in your office where it won’t get kicked over but is open enough to allow the steady stream of mist to flow across the floor. A couple of safety notes on this one! Don’t handle the dry ice bare handed. Use a towel to grab and move the block, and make sure there are not a lot of obstacles to trip over on your office’s floor that will be hard to see when covered by mist.

Happy Halloween!



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