Recycled Halloween Treat Tube Crafts

Eco-Friendly Halloween Crafts

Go green this Halloween with a family activity that’s easy on your budgets and eco-friendly. For a few weeks or months before Halloween, save empty toilet paper tubes and recycle them into these cute Halloween craft tubes. Fill them with any kind of Halloween candy or treats and hand them out for trick or treaters. Make some for your child’s school Halloween party or bring the materials so the class can learn about recycling in crafts.

This easy eco-friendly craft can also be used with a fall theme, instead of Halloween, for families and churches who prefer fall festivals without the spooky overtones. Depending on your needs, you can insert scraps of paper with Bible verses, haunted stories or historical facts about Halloween celebrations.

First, color or paint the cardboard toilet paper tubes orange, brown, yellow or another fun fall color. While the recycled toilet paper tubes dry, look around your home for leftover craft materials to use for decorating. Look for magazines pictures with fall and Halloween themes. You can also use Halloween themed stickers. Glue all the decorations around the painted cardboard toilet paper tubes. Add glitter, sequins, and other recycled craft materials to make the Halloween treat tubes eye-catching.

Cut a piece of orange, green or clear plastic cellophane wrap (Saran-Wrap) at least six inches wide and one foot long. Fill the decorated Halloween treat tubes with packaged Halloween candy and treats. Lay the recycled toilet paper tube on the center of the colored plastic wrap. Roll the wrap around the tube and twist the leftover wrap at each end to secure the candy inside. Use pipe cleaners, ribbon or recycled craft string to tie off each end.

If you prefer not to use plastic wrap and keep this eco-friendly Halloween craft even greener, collect scraps of fall or Halloween themed cloth or wrapping paper. Instead of painting and decorating the recycled cardboard toilet paper tubes, just fill the plain tubes with Halloween candy and wrap in the Halloween paper or cloth. Tie of the ends with string or colored rubberbands.

These Halloween treat tubes are easy to hand out to trick or treaters, your child’s school class or sports team, or at church fall festivals. You can also include stickers, pencils, Halloween shaped erasers, and small party favors in the recycled treat tubes.

For an even greener Halloween craft, use natural items found in the fall landscape to decorate these treat tubes. Glue colorful fall leaves, mini pinecones, pine needles, autumn flowers and colorful pebbles around the tubes. Then, fill with Halloween or fall treats and wrap in plastic wrap.



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