Shrunken Head Decorations for Halloween

Easy and Cheap Halloween Decorations

With Halloween being only two months away, it’s time to start thinking of decorations. Whether you’ll be hosting a party or not, getting into the Halloween spirit is lots of fun for the whole family and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, there are many inexpensive options available that are also very creative and will still have your home looking its best for Halloween.

These shrunken heads can be set all around the house for decorating, or strung up as garland and hung around wall. I also like to carve a hole in the top and put short candles in. Be sure the candles stick out enough to light them, and use Halloween colors to set the mood even better. Best of all, they’re very cheap and once dried, they last will last for quite a long time. So there is no need to toss them out each year and make a new batch.

Supplies you’ll need:
Apples, large. Any color.
whole cloves, black beans, or whole pepper
a handful of rice of rice
1/2 cup lemon juice
2 teaspoons table salt


Peel an apple and coat it entirely with a mixture of lemon juice and the 2 teaspoons of salt. This will help prevent browning. With a potato peeler or small knife carve out eye sockets, a nose, mouth and ears. Don’t worry about carving small details, just the general indication of features.

Use the cloves, beans, or pepper for the eyes and raw rice for teeth (just stick them in the apple if you’d like).

Sit the apples on a wire rack in a warm, dry place for about 2 weeks, in the sun works well. It is possible to speed the process using an oven set just to “warm, but it only shaves off 2 or 3 days.

When they are dry, you can leave them as is, or use a sheer paint to paint them any color you like.

Also, if you’d like to add hair to them, you can do so by using aclear drying glue and wefts of hair. This effect works best if the hair if patchy and mangled looking.

Once they’re dry, they will look pretty ghoulish. This is perfect for Halloween d├ęcor and you can do anything you want with them. I love these and like to build on my collection every year, as they will last for a few years.

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