Simple Halloween Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

When it comes to doing crafts with preschoolers, my motto is, “the simpler, the better.” Young children can get frustrated easily when doing crafts, since their fine motor skills are still developing. Actions like cutting with scissors can seem like a monumental task. These two Halloween craft ideas are simple and require basic skills that preschoolers can do with a little help. So help little ones build their confidence and celebrate with these Halloween craft projects for preschoolers.

Pumpkin Shakers
You Will Need (for one shaker):
1 brown paper lunch bag
1 green marker
Orange paint
Green paint
½ cup of dried beans or corn kernels
Rubber band
Green Yarn or ribbon


1. Draw a green line two-thirds of the way up the paper bag.
2. Help children paint the front of the bag (the side that’s not folded) below the line with orange paint.
3. Paint the front of the bag above the line with green paint.
4. When the paint is dry, open up the bag and pour in the beans or corn.
5. Close the bag by gathering it together on the green line and secure with a rubber band.
6. Tie the green yarn or ribbon in a bow on top of the rubber band and shake away!

You can precut black eyes, a nose, and a mouth and have children paste them on the dried paint with a glue stick to make a jack-o-lantern shaker.

Tip: I prefer using Crayola washable paints. The saturated colors give great coverage like acrylic paints, but they completely wash out of clothes. My toddler spilled the royal blue all over his khaki shorts and it all came out!

Spooky Spider Cobwebs
You Will Need:
Black construction paper
White crayons
Glue Sticks
Cotton balls


1. Using a white crayon, draw a spider web on the black paper.
2. Trace the web with a glue stick.
3. Pull apart some cotton balls until you have wisps of cotton, and press the cotton pieces onto the glue.

Print out a picture of a spider and cut it out. Have the children color it and glue it to the finished web.

Tips: For very young children, pull apart the cotton balls for them. You can also pre-draw the webs and just have them trace with the glue.

I prefer glue sticks to regular liquid glue for preschoolers. They make much less of a mess and don’t saturate the paper. If it starts to dry, you can very easily apply more right on top of the area you want to glue.

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