Simple Sewing Craft Ideas for Halloween:

Help Your Child Learn Letters with This Cute Halloween Craft Project

Children love learning their letters, especially when they can have fun with them. Craft project ideas that involve sewing for Halloween offer an innovative way to teach your pre-schooler or kindergartner to write his name.

Try this sewing craft idea for Halloween wall decorations or a sign for your child’s room. You’ll both enjoy developing oral skills, following directions ability, with fun along the way. Plus, you’re learning, too.

Materials you’ll need:

Felt in fall colors.

Letters in huge bold fonts printed out on your computer, or hand drawn block letters.

Fabric markers or chalk for drawing letters onto felt.

Cotton balls or batting

Sewing thread or yarn, needles



Have your child practice writing the letters of his name on paper.

Draw a large (5-6 inches high), fat letter onto the felt.

Cut out the letter. As you cut, have your child interact with you about the sound of the letter, about things that start with the sound. He can practice writing while you are cutting.

Make two identical cut-outs.

Use yarn and whip stitch the edges in big stitches to make a letter pouch. Leave one opening for stuffing. You child can help you stuff each letter with cotton balls or batting. After stuffing, stitch the remaining edges closed.

Repeat for each letter in his name.

When finished, have your child lay the letters out on the floor, vertically, so they spell his name.

After you’ve had fun for a day or two spelling, mixing up, and spelling again, go to the next step.

Sew the letters, haphazardly or straight, across the tops and bottoms of each letter with the sewing machine, or hand-sew if you prefer.

Voila! You’ve created a wall hanging for your child’s room. Decorate with small felt cut-outs, foam, stickers, pins, or whatever he thinks up. Continue the Halloween sewing project idea by using a Halloween theme. You might also practice sewing old buttons onto the banner.

Variation: It’s easy to substitute construction paper for the felt. Use a squashed and folded pipe cleaner as your needle. Thread yarn through punched holes to sew.

A big orange pumpkin, cat, or scarecrow could go at the top. To make the project even more creative, let your child draw it and/or find a suitable drawing in a coloring book that you adapt.

Do You Have a Little One Who Wants to Get in on the Sewing Act?

‘Sew’ a Pasta Necklace.

Materials needed:

Various inexpensive pastas from the grocery store

Food coloring for dying the pasta (or Easter egg dye)


A big plastic needle from the craft store or a pipe cleaner folded and squashed to ‘make’ a needle.

Plastic containers or bags for storing your pasta “beads”


Enjoy talking and reviewing colors when you dye the pasta a few days before. What happens when you combine blue and yellow? You get green! How about a touch of red? Pink. Etc.

Make necklaces by stringing various pasta pieces together.

Extend the learning with glue and construction paper or cardboard by as you make pasta string letters or even words. Be creative.



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