Spooky Halloween Yard Decorations

Spiders, Spiders, Oh My!

There are many different ways to decorate the outside of your home for Halloween. Do you want to go the graveyard look, or maybe the skeletons hanging from trees look. You can also do an evil prom look or even zombies dancing around your driveway. These are all scenes I have seen my friends and neighbors do, and they are way too complicated for me. Here is what I have done and got great comments on.

Everyone is afraid of spiders, or at least that is what I tell myself when I make this particular theme.

Here is what you need:

Many bags of fake spider web, many different sizes of spiders, and a black light.

  • You can purchase these items at a local craft store, like www.joann.com .
  • You can find black lights at www.homedepot.com in the lighting section.
  • The spiders you can find at: http://halloweencostumes.spirithalloween.com/search?view=grid&w=spiders.
  • The webbing is roughly $3.99 a bag at: http://www.spirithalloween.com/product/deluxe-spider-web-with-4-spiders/.

All you do is string the webbing around the bushes or fencing in your yard. This sounds very easy, but don’t do the most common thing by just taking it out of the bag and pulling a few strands out. All this does is make a mess and it doesn’t look real at all. What you want to do is slowly pull apart the webbing and drape it over your bushes. Then, slowly pull even more over different layers of the bush. The more time you take on the webbing, the more realistic it looks. You want to have thin wisps, not thick clumps. You can do this on your car, too, and even on your front doors or windows. The webbing is not sticky and only needs little splinters of wood to hold in place. You can use Scotch tape if you like, maybe on windows and glass, but keep it to a minimum because the tape will show up with the black light.

After you have all of your webbing up in one area, step back and look at it. This is another common mistake that people do. They do not survey their masterpiece prior to giving it up for the night. If you don’t scrutinize it yourself, then Halloween will be full of kids saying your webs don’t look real. (Take it from me… It only took one time and I learned the lesson!)

Once the webbing is up, take out your spiders. Gently place your spiders in random areas on the webbing. Don’t clutter them up too much because you want it to be eerie and real. You can hang the spiders from extra bits of webbing that is hanging off the edges, or little hidden areas in your yard. Make sure that there are power outlets near your masterpiece so you can have your black light illuminate your yard.

The more webbing I had around the yard, the better the comments from the trick-or-treaters.

Keep one thing in mind when decorating your front yard. DO NOT put the webbing on a rose bush! It might seem like a good idea at the time because the bush is bare and scary at night, but take it from experience… it does not come off as easy as it goes on!

Happy Halloween!


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