Start Decorating for Halloween Now: Leave no Doubt That the Holiday is Near

When it comes to Halloween decorations, there is no such thing as “too much of a good thing.”

First of all, it should be noted that Halloween decorations should really be set into place on October 1, so that you can get a full-month’s enjoyment out of them. Heck, the department stores begin displaying them in July, so why can’t we get a full month out of them? And for those who use words like ‘overkill’ – bah humbug to them! Or whatever the Halloween equivalent to “bah humbug” would be. Perhaps ‘boo-humbat’? Sorry. That was lame.

Anyhow, it is very important that your front yard be the first place to reflect the immensity of your Halloween spirit. Fake headstones are always a big hit, and don’t let anyone tell you that the big pumpkin leaf bags are tacky. They so are not! They are spooky and practical – what more could you ask out of a decoration? Orange lights can be strung from anything that sits still long enough – but not the cars. I learned THAT lesson the hard way. And if a few scary ghosts are hanging from your trees, all the better. The tasteful welcome mat in front of your door should, of course, be replaced with a Halloween-themed mat that makes scary sounds when it is stepped on. Your door should, of course, either have some sort of Halloween wreath hanging on it, or better yet – one of those sheets of plastic that depicts a nice, ugly witch stirring something nasty in a caldron.

When a visitor steps into your home on October 2nd, there should be no doubt in their minds that Halloween will be occurring sometime in the near future. The key is to replace all of your tasteful, everyday ornamentation (my husband refers to them as nic-nacs, or ‘clutter’) with equally tasteful Halloween decorations. The Dollar Store has many such tasteful items, and they can be purchased at bargain prices! Halloween connoisseur that I am, I have discovered that there is even such a thing as a Halloween toilet seat cover! Yes! And Halloween towels for not only the kitchen, but also the bathroom! Now my bathroom is scary on purpose!

But all good things must come to an end. As of November 1, the Halloween goodies must come down. But don’t despair! Turkey Day is just around the corner, and a household simply can not have too many ceramic turkeys!



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