Ten Printable Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving is coming up pretty fast, being it is already almost October. Since so many people are on a budget this year, you might think of getting your Thanksgiving cards on the Internet. If you want to get free printable Thanksgiving cards this year and save some money, here are some cards that might just work for you. Adobe Reader might be needed to view and print a lot of the Thanksgiving cards that are on the Internet.
A new and somewhat traditional card on the Internet would be the “Enjoy Thanksgiving” card which is on the Blue Mountain website. This card has a picture of a turkey on the outside with a pumpkin and leaves at the bottom of the turkey, and says “Elaine” at the top. On the inside of the card it reads, “Enjoy a Thanksgiving that’s stuffed with happiness.” This is a wonderful card to give to your special someone this Thanksgiving and is printable with just the click of a button.
The Magical Kingdom has a printable Thanksgiving card that is kind of general but still a very nice option to give out this Thanksgiving season. This card, has a picture of leaves falling from the trees, which is a very pretty picture with the words “God Bless You This Thanksgiving And Always.” The inside of this card is blank so you can write anything you feel like and also can print as many copies of the card you want and fill a special message on the inside for each person. This is a very nice free and printable card that will surely have your family and friends attention this Thanksgiving year.
If you are looking for a funny card, you should try this funny and wonderful card. This card has a picture of a turkey on the outside with the words “Happy Thanksgiving” on the top section. This card is funny because the turkey is holding a sign that says “I’m on strike try chicken instead.” This would be a funny and practical card to give to your loved ones this year, especially if you normally eat turkey on Thanksgiving. This card is free and printable and also contains the blank inside to write special messages to your friends and family.
If you want a Thanksgiving greeting card you can print for the children in your life, then the children funny card would be the perfect option for you. This card has a bear in it, holding a plate that has a turkey on it and it has “Happy Thanksgiving” at the top of it. This card is very bright and has a lot of color to it, with a orange and brown colored theme which is just the right theme for Thanksgiving. This card is good for the children in your life because it has a little bear on it and seems very kid-like. This card also has an inside that is blank so you could use that opportunity to list why you are thankful for that certain child in your life.
If you know someone who likes Victorian art, the Victorian range card might be just the card to print out and send to that special someone. This card features a cover that is decorated nicely with a Victorian age picture of a child in the field with trees and pumpkins in the background. This child is holding a wooden pole or stake and there is a big turkey standing right beside him with “Hearty Thanksgiving Joy” written in the lower part of the card. This card is very pretty and very Victorian, showing the meaning of Thanksgiving in a different time period. This card is also blank on the inside and is free and printable to give to as many people this Thanksgiving as you wish.
Thanksgiving Creations has a lot of different Thanksgiving-themed ideas such as activities, printable games, and decorations that you can get for free on their site. They also have a large selection of cards, one of them being a card that has a picture of a grandmother putting the turkey on the table in front of her little grandchild or son. The card says “Be thankful for blessings big and small” which I think is a very important message to send to the younger people in the world. This card is very pretty and very personal so this might be one you would print out to give to your child to write in for that special adult in their life. The card has a blank inside and is printable and free which is a really nice option this Thanksgiving season.
This card is a wonderful free and printable colorful card, that shows an image of a pumpkin patch along with some flowers which gives off the vibe of the fall time. This card says “Give Thanks” on the top of it with a blank inside that you can use to write a special message of thanks to that special person in your life. I like this card because it is simple and sweet while being colorful and very pretty. The overall tone is one of being thankful and it also is very simple but gets the point out. The pumpkins and the flowers give this card a very fall-like tone and also provides the very pretty images of what Thanksgiving is all about.
If you are looking for a generic Thanksgiving card, I would suggest this simple but yet pretty card. This card has a border like a fence, with the inside being rows of sunflowers. This card says “Happy Thanksgiving” at the top of it and is very simple with a blank inside. This card would be good for someone who likes flowers, and likes the summer look of the sunflowers or if you just want to give someone you know a generally themed Thanksgiving card.
The Happy Thanksgiving Half-fold card is also a very nice option if you are looking for printable Thanksgiving cards this year. This card has a picture of a golden sun being bordered with many red leaves. The card conveys the scene of being outside in the Thanksgiving time of year, and has “Happy Thanksgiving” on the sun. This card is blank inside so you can write any special messages you want, and you can print this card as many times as you like. This card is very simple but the outside graphics are very pretty and have a calming and warming affect so it would be good for just about anyone.
The Falling Leaves quarter-fold card would be a great option if you want to send a card to a whole family. This card has a cascade of falling leaves with the words “Happy Thanksgiving” on the top, and it conveys a sense of autumn being in the air. On the inside of the card, it says “Thanksgiving Blessings to You and Your Family. Happy Thanksgiving”. This would be a wonderful card to give to another family from your family and is also free and printable to make as many copies as you would like. This card is very simple but yet classy and the inside wording makes it extra nice. You can also write a special message on the inside opposite of where the printed words will be.

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