Ten Tips for Thanksgiving Decorating

At my home, we always have more people dropping in during the fall and winter months. When decorating for Thanksgiving I like to use elements that are inexpensive and easy to manage. The following are my top picks.
– Bring fall color inside. Arrange a display of small pumpkins on the mantle. Around them, add silk leaves in gold, yellow, brown and olive green. Pick up a few sticks from the yard and tie with raffia. Place these among the leaves and pumpkins for a natural look. Tie large ribbon bows and pin them next to the ceiling. Allow the ends of the bows to drape over the tops of bookcases.

– Fill a basket with gourds and place on the tops of bookcases or on coffee table. Put a big bow on the handle in your favorite fall color.

– Take an ear of Indian corn and pull the husks back part way to expose the kernels. Tie at the end with a ribbon and secure with a wire. Hang on the wall or on the door.

– Cut the stem out of small pumpkins to use as temporary candleholders. Insert a taper candle. Set these on a mirror or piece of shiny foil to catch drips and maximize the light.
– Use candles or potpourri in Thanksgiving scents. Try pumpkin, vanilla, sugar cookie or cinnamon for a festive feel.

– Replace your vase of summer flowers with a potted fall mum. Wrap the pot in gold foil and decorate with a fall ribbon. Alternatively, use a terra cotta pot and saucer. Glue an attractive fall ribbon onto the pot.

– Visit a thrift shop for inexpensive picture frames. Spray paint them gold or olive green. Print an inspirational word onto sheets cardstock from your computer printer. Use worlds like thankful, bounty, harvest or family. Put one sheet with one word each into a frame. Hot glue a silk flower onto the corner of the frame for flair. Position these around your living room or put them on your windowsill.

– Set out inexpensive pilgrims or cornhusk dolls on a doily. Place these on your end table.

– Distribute throw pillows in fall colors on the couch. Add an earth toned afghan to the back of the couch.

– Put a deep orange table runner on the coffee table. Put a basket or bowl of potpourri on top of it. Surround it with Indian corn for a pleasing effect. Relax. Your living room is now ready for Thanksgiving.

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