Thanksgiving Books That Have Something for Everyone

Fiction and Non-fiction Both Are Interesting Reads for Thanksgiving
There are many books to help us remember what the celebration of Thanksgiving if all about. Some offer recipes for delicious dishes that are traditional treasuries; others offer historical facts of how the celebration of Thanksgiving came to me. I have selected several good books that involved the Thanksgiving Holiday for your reading and educational pleasure.

Thanksgiving- by Janet Evanovich

This is a romantic fiction that centers on the main characters, Megan Murphy and Dr. Patrick Hunter. Megan has been heart broken in times past and does want to get involved in any relationships that could lead to more heart break. Dr. Patrick Hunter has taking a liking to Megan and wants to make Thanks giving Dinner for their families. The question is can the doctor help heal Megan’s broken heart?

This book can be purchased for $7.99 at Barnes &

William Sonoma – Thanksgiving- by William Sonoma

This is a recipe book with all the favorite dishes of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Through vivid photos and deliciously described dishes, you will find many wonderful favorites to fill your table with this Holiday season.

This book can be purchased for $16.95 at Barnes&

Thanksgiving 1959 -by Jay Price & Bobby Thomson

The book follows Somma and his players, sons of Iris and Italian immigrants, on their journey to the city championship game and their Thanksgiving Day rivalry. Like the community around it, it would never be the same. This book can be purchased from Barnes& for $19.96

Turkey Day Murder- by Leslie Meier

This is a great murder mystery surrounding the Thanksgiving Holiday. Hardworking mom, Lucy Stone investigates the murder of a Metinnicut Indian activist that was killed in Tinker’s Cover. This is a terrific mystery read with compelling characters. You can purchase a copy from Barnes& for only $6.99

Thanksgiving -by Mary Harte & May Harte

Providing history of some of the Thanksgiving holiday traditions, this book also covers customs and traditions connected to our current day celebration of the holiday. You can buy a copy from Barnes& for only $18.75
These are all great books that have a Thanksgiving theme to them. Some are more about the food and traditions of Thanksgiving, while others are fictional pieces that are centered on the Thanksgiving Holiday. Each of these is sure to put the spirit of Thanksgiving in your mind and heart as you enjoy reading them.
Many of these titles can be found at your local public library, so purchasing them may not be necessary at all.

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