Thanksgiving Day for the Working Individual

The Monday before Thanksgiving and you discover that you have to work on Thanksgiving. What can you do to salvage the holiday? In most situations, this will depend on what your work hours are, your responsibilities at work, and the ability to get away for a short period of time. Check immediately with your boss or supervisor. Have a clear understanding of what is required on Thanksgiving Day. Find out if you can have time to get away for dinner. Communication with your supervisor is very important. If you have to work after eating, that could be a problem. Thanksgiving dinners usually make an individual drowsy. Some positions require you to be mentally alert. If you can, it is always best to work first and then eat.

However, there are other things to consider. You might have guests arriving at your home that will need to be entertained. They might be on a strict time schedule. The weather can also play a major factor. Travel distance could be a problem. You might not have enough time to make a journey and then return to work on time. Balancing these factors can also cause hardship. It can be done but, it takes good planning and communication.

Let’s talk about the individual that can’t make it home. You can still have a somewhat enjoyable Thanksgiving Day. Try packing a Thanksgiving lunch. Use extra plastic containers to carry more items. Instead of using a lunch box, load your meal in a different carrier, like a cardboard box. Add a small tablecloth and maybe a candle. If you are not alone, combine your meal with another individual. If you are alone, set up a special place for your meal and try to make it look as homey as possible.

Thanksgiving Day isn’t complete without some type of football to watch on television. If you aren’t into football, there is always the Macy’s Parade from New York to enjoy. Maybe it has been years since you watched a parade. The pageantry has changed over the years. You might be amazed to see what has changed. Of course, all of this depends on whether you have a television or the ability to watch it. The NFL schedule for this year is as follows. Game 1 12:30 ET Tennessee at Detroit. Game 2 4:15 ET Seattle at Dallas. Game 3 8:15 ET Arizona at Philadelphia.

TI would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the psychological affect of missing this special day. It is only natural to want to be with family. However, there are positions that are necessary to be filled by workers. Always try to stay upbeat and positive. Your job is important to others as well as yourself and family. Consider those that don’t have a job or position. I am sure that there are individuals that would trade you straight up if they could be employed.

In some situations your supervisor has placed you there because they know that they can count on you. When Christmas or Thanksgiving the following year rolls around, you can always tell your employer that, “I worked the last holiday.” In some situations, that could work to your advantage.

Another thing to consider is overtime or holiday pay. Some places will pay up to triple time for taking a holiday to work on. That could mean some extra cash for Christmas. So always try to look on the positive side of this work related holiday. As I said at the beginning, unless you are motivated for working on a holiday, it can be somewhat of a downer, try to use it to your advantage as best as you can.

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