Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas for Your Dinner Table

We all want our dinner table to appear perfect for our Thanksgiving feast. We want everything to be beautiful and well prepared. So we all work hard to give our dining room table a festive air to welcome diner guests and family for a special event. Here are some basic idea’s to give your dining room table a lovely and elegant Thanksgiving appearance. I have also included one idea that is specifically for the children to enjoy.

1) Your Thanksgiving centerpiece needs to be tasteful and superb. I like to lay out a silver platter. This is quite large. You can also use a cut crystal platter or any other decorative platter. I fill the platter with fresh cranberries and walnuts. I mix the cranberries about seventy five percent with the walnuts at about twenty five percent. This makes the walnuts stand out against the bed of red. Now I take three large pillar candles of varying heights and I place them in the middle of the platter surrounded by the cranberries and walnuts. I normally like to use a deep dark orange when I pick out a candle color but last year I saw some lovely espresso candles that looked fantastic with the walnuts so I utilized them instead. This simple centerpiece looks lovely and is quite festive. One year I also received a huge fall bouquet of flowers so I placed these in the middle of the cranberry and walnut platter instead of the candles and it looked amazing. One of these years I would like to use a white rose bouquet to fill the dining table with the sweet scent of rose.

2) Another wonderful idea that a friend of mine used one year for her Thanksgiving table was a centerpiece made entirely of edible fruit. This allowed her guests to snack randomly while they waited for dinner. She had taken a large rustic basket and filled it with fall apples, pears, banana’s, and even blueberries. These were all artfully arranged and she encouraged each guest to enjoy themselves snacking on the refreshing fruit.

3) Its always fun to have place mats. Why not head down to a local store and invest in nice fall place mats. This is a nice touch to any dinner table. I also feel its important to have cloth napkins for guests to enjoy with their meal. Remember all of this should match the table cloth if you decide to utilize a table cloth.

4) Many families have their little ones sit at a smaller table away from the adult dinner table. This is a common practice, especially in large families. So don’t forget the children’s table when it comes to decorations. This year buy a large sheet of construction paper. One that will completely cover the children’s table. Now explain to your children that they will be making their own Thanksgiving table cloth and that it should reflect what family and the holiday truly means to them. Now let them color pictures all over the construction paper. I’m sure you will see turkeys, houses, feasts, and people. Its a wonderful way for your children to express themselves and to also utilize their art skills. When the product is done be sure to give them ample praise. When each guest arrives for dinner take them over and show them the artful table cloth that your children created for their own tiny dinner table. Your children will beam with pride over their fun creation. Its also a time of wonderful togetherness if you would like to sit down and color with your children while they design the table cloth. I’m sure that they will love and adore the time spent with mommy or daddy.

5) Most families have guests that they love and adore for Thanksgiving. So this year let your children create the special place cards for each guest. These cards should come from the heart. Simply buy card stock and supply your children with colored pencils or markers. I’m sure that Grandma and Grandpa will cherish their place card that their grandchildren fashioned with their tiny hands forever. Tell your children to put a few personal words on the place card for each guest. Something that reflects how they feel and their wonderful little hearts. No words are more heartfelt then a child’s. Let your child reflect in the place cards how thankful they are to have that special person in their lives.

If you do not have children then you can sit down and create your own place card made with your heartfelt words that let each guest know how truly thankful you are that they are in your life.
These simple idea’s will help you decorate your Thanksgiving table and give it a personal touch filled with love. Ultimately, that is our goal with our Thanksgiving decorating, to show our love to those we care about. Your table will look amazing no matter what because it was created with love.

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