Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas for Your Dinner Table

The table decorations you choose for Thanksgiving will play a large role for in this holiday; this is why it is important to choose perfect table decorations. This article will describe how to create three simple and elegant table decorations that will add to the deliciousness of your dinner on Thanksgiving.

The first things you will need is napkin rings, and these can be achieved easily and sweetly using acorns, old cardboard tubes, and festive ribbon. These napkin rings will make your table classy and stylish. To create these simple cut rings from the cardboard tube using a box cutter and glue the end of a long piece of ribbon to the inside of the tube. Now wrap the ribbon around tube to cover the cardboard. When you have gone completely around the tube, you can glue the end of the ribbon to the outside of the tube. Now glue acorns to the front of the ring to cover the ribbon and you are all set.

Another lovely project that can also be very useful is the gilded apple napkin holder. All you will need for this project is four apples, a knife, four cinnamon sticks, and gold spray paint. Simply clean and dry your apples; you will need to use your knife to cut 2 small holes in the side the apples. The holes will need to be about an inch apart vertically. Now spray paint them gold, and when they are dry stick the cinnamon stick in the holes horizontally. You can connect the two apples this way. After you have two sets of connected apples set them up on the table with the napkins sandwiched in between them. This addition to your table is pretty and handy.

The most important table decoration for Thanksgiving day is the table cloth, and this is an easy and fun way to personalize yours. Simply buy a regular tablecloth from a thrift store, and add some special touches to it. To personalize this tablecloth start by writing a list of the things you are thankful for; next write them along the edge of the tablecloth with fabric glue. This is a unique way to remember what the holiday is about while adding a sweet look to your table.

There are many simple table decorations for Thanksgiving, and you don’t want to have too many decorations because you will need room for a lot of food. So try these ideas out, and I guarantee you will like them.

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