Thanksgiving Decorating Tips

Decorate Your Kitchen for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and autumn go hand-in-hand when it comes to decorating. Surely you want your house to feel warm and inviting for family and friends during this season. When decorating for Thanksgiving, don’t forget about one of the most used rooms of the home, your kitchen. Even though the kitchen is a place where cooking is done, that doesn’t mean it can’t be decorated to fit the rest of your home. Here are six easy ways to decorate your kitchen for Thanksgiving without having the decorations get in the way of cooking and kitchen activities.

Fall Garland. One of the easiest ways to bring fall into any room is to hand garland from the kitchen chandelier (if you have one) or along a windowsill in the kitchen. The garland can be sophisticated or fun, depending on your style. Try orange and red leaf garland, or you and your children can make a string of cut-out turkey or pumpkin garland. Either one would add a festive touch to the kitchen.

Beads. You can hand or drape beads lengthwise with your kitchen curtains to add a splash of color during the Thanksgiving season. Think about the length of your curtains and plan accordingly with the beads. Orange, red, brown, and golden colored beads add a beautiful touch to the kitchen window.
Towels & Pot holders. Try changing your everyday kitchen towels and potholders for Thanksgiving-themed ones. You could buy brand new towels, or if you happen to have and that are autumn colors, use those. They would fit in just right.

Baskets or Cornucopias. Filling a basket or cornucopia full of Thanksgiving inspiration (such as pumpkins, squash, etc.) will immediately bring the holiday into your kitchen. Clean off the top of that fridge and use the space for a large cornucopia. Or maybe you have space on top of kitchen cabinets to use as a display area.
Candles & Wine. If you have a freestanding cabinet in your kitchen, consider setting up a display on top of Autumn-colored candles and a few bottles of wine. This will bring a feeling of warmth into the kitchen and you just might drink that wine during Thanksgiving dinner.

Wall décor. If you have pictures hanging anywhere in your kitchen, consider changing them for the Thanksgiving season. Try incorporating pieces with pumpkins, leaves, apples, etc. Anything that brings the feeling of Thanksgiving into your kitchen will work. You can find inexpensive pictures and wall hangings at discount stores and wholesale stores.

Any of these ideas will instantly add a bit of Thanksgiving into the kitchen. Give them a try and you’re family will feel the warmth of the season all November long.

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