Thanksgiving Decorations for Your Living Room

With the fall holiday season upon us, you can decorate your home, and especially your living room for those visitors you will be receiving during these holidays, whether it is a formal party or small unofficial gathering of friends. Below are ten different suggestions for decorating your living room for the Thanksgiving holiday:

1. Throw pillow covers for your couch or easy chair. The covers can be of cotton or linen, have a pretty fall leaf pattern or be of a solid color. If you are a sewer, you can create your own covers for the pillow and make the cover either one with a zipper on one of the sides, or the opening in the back with the fabric folded over to conceal the pillow inside.

2. Your coffee table can have a lovely decoration made of non-poisonous sumac, chrysanthemums, and Dusty Miller flowers. For a vase, try one of cranberry red to reflect the maple leaves that fall from the trees during this time of year.

3. On the mantle over your fireplace, set a pair of candles in burnt orange color with a few plastic pumpkins with wires (available from Michaels craft store) attached to the base of the holders. You can also add a ribbon but if you want to light the candles, remove the ribbons before lighting to reduce the risk of spreading flame.

4. For the furniture, you can purchase holiday themed slipcovers for them. Burnt sienna, burgundy red, or patterned slipcovers can look really nice for this purpose. Department stores like Kohls or Target carries slipcovers for living room furniture.

5. Drape some non-poisonous ivy along the curtain rods of the windows in your living room. You can use either real ivy or artificial ivy that is available in most craft stores. The ivy can also have colored leaves attached to them to add some color to the ivy garland.

6. Another decoration you can place on your mantle is a grouping of decorative corn, tied together with a bow in any color of the season. My favorite color to use here is red-orange. The ribbon can either be of paper-twist or burlap, to give it a natural look.

7. A copper bucket filled with decorative gourds and squash can be a beautiful decoration for your living room, if placed in an area where you normally do not have anything, such as by the doorway to the room, or under the window. If the bucket has handles, you can put a bow on the handle. Holiday themed ribbon is available in many craft stores. For this project, I like to use a ribbon with pumpkins or leaves on it.

8. Make a pretty fresh flower wreath that you can hang on one of the walls in your living room. You can use a basic wreath made of grape vines and use green floral wire to attach chrysanthemums, marigolds, zinnias, or asters to the wreath. The wreath will not only look pretty but also give the room a natural fragrance.

9. If you like potpourri, Blackberry Creek Soaps has a beautiful fall potpourri mixture that can be the perfect accent for your living room. I like to use a brass or bronze container for the potpourri and set it on a side table in the living room.

10. For another wreath idea, use pine cones, acorns, berries, real or artificial leaves, wired to a wreath frame. Again, you can also use a paper twist bow or a fabric bow to decorate the top or bottom of your wreath.

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