Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation Ideas

Planning ahead for your Thanksgiving dinner is always a good idea, and it is especially smart to send out Thanksgiving Day dinner invitations because then you will know how many people o plan on feeding and seating. Here I will describe three simple, inexpensive and fun to create Thanksgiving dinner invitations.

The first invitation idea is simple and elegant, and it takes very little artistic skill. For this piece take some white construction paper and dampen it. You will also need a paintbrush and watercolor paints. Lightly crumble the wet paper, but unfold it quickly. Add paint to the wet paper, and allow the colors to blur and blend. Remember to use fall colors such as orange, yellow, red, and brown. When this paper is done lay it on a flat surface and put a heavy book on top of it to make it lay flat. Simply write your invitation greeting and instructions with gold or black marker on these papers for a pretty invitation.

This natural invitation uses materials you can find around your home; you will need glue, markers, paper, and leaves for this project. Start this invitation by folding the paper in half and writing a nice message about Thanksgiving on the front. Next arrange the leaves in a border around the invitation, and finally you will need to glue these leaves down. Do not feel bad if the leaves crack and crinkle; they are fragile, and this adds to the earthiness of your invitation.

The final invitation idea in this collection is a fun sponge painting project. For this project you will need a couple of thin sponges, scissors, paper, red paint, orange paint, and green paint, and a paintbrush. Simply fold your paper in half and write a happy Thanksgiving Day message on the front. Now cut the sponges into circles; turn one circle into an apple by cutting a v in the top and the bottom of it and straightening the sides slightly. Make a pumpkin by cutting several v notches in both the top and bottom of the circle. Now use orange and red paint to create an alternating pattern, and use the green paint for stems, leaves, and vines. This card is cute and personalized, and it will be a great way to invite your guests.

Remember to include the date, time, and location on all of your invitations; you do not want anyone to get confused. If you are expecting your guests to bring anything, it is important to mention that as well in the invitation. Happy Thanksgiving!

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