Thanksgiving E-Cards Are a Nice Touch

Every once in a while, it’s a pleasant surprise to open a piece of unexpected email that isn’t trying to sell something. The E-Card falls into this category, and the availability of different designs makes receiving one pretty much a unique experience. From any viewpoint, these creative little pieces of correspondence are certain to put a smile on your face, and make you appreciative of the senders thoughtfulness. In relationship to the Thanksgiving Holiday, E-Cards may be used as invitations to dinner or other social gatherings, or just to say “Hello” in a timely manner to someone distantly located. Given the dozens of websites that allow the creation of free E-Cards, it certainly is more economical that the old fashioned card and stamp method of delivery. Most all of the free E-Card providers have clear, easy to follow instructions and a number of features such as music and animated icons. Here are some of the better free E-Card websites: – This is a large site with an amazing number of E-Cards for all occasions. – This site not only has a nice variety of E-Cards, but also has jokes, tricks, and illusions that you can send to friends. – A good site, this one has cool designs and quite a few flash animated cards. – Snow Leopard .org uses beautifully photographed Leopards to make free E-Cards and raise awareness of an endangered species simultaneously. – is a great site to make very personal and free E-Cards. You can add your own photos, videos, or music and make these very sentimental. – This site has some of the best graphics, animation and sound effects ever. – The relative ease of making free E-Cards on this site is excellent. – This site has some of the funniest cards on the net.

If you’ve never made or sent an E-Card before, the Holidays are a great opportunity to experiment and learn, as most people have a little extra time off work or school. Try many different sites, and don’t settle. From experience, just when you think you’ve found the perfect website for free E-Cards, 3 others will be discovered that blow the first one away.

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