Thanksgiving Facts and Games

Thanksgiving is known best as an US public holiday. Thanksgiving was celebrated some centuries ago after the autumn harvest, communities held 3-day-long feasts, sharing meat, bread and beer. The first thanksgiving was held between 21st September and 11th November 1621 in Massachusetts by some number of pilgrims from Plymouth and Wampanoag neighbors.

Thanksgiving was celebrated annually from 1777 to 1783, in 1782 thanksgiving was celebrated in December. Thanksgiving was also declared in 1789 and 1795 by George Washington and was declared in 1798 and 1799 by John Adams. Thanksgiving was also was celebrated twice of 1815.The fact was that thanksgiving was not celebrated in autumn during this period. Until thanksgiving was declared on fourth Thursday of November 1941 it remained a custom unsanctified by law.

A Thanksgiving feast would never complete without turkey. About 280 million turkeys are sold for this special occasion in United States.

Thanksgiving is celebrated amidst friends and family; it is also which appreciates the struggles of early American settlers.

The NFL’s thanksgiving classic is a special series of games played for thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It’s been regular occurrence since the league has come into existence in 1920.There is about three games during this time.

Each year when thanksgiving is celebrated, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is always highlight on TV or sometimes watched live. For almost 80 years, Macy’s has celebrated Thanksgiving and called forth Christmas with their big parade in New York City. The parade would also features huge balloons, bands, beautiful floats and of course, Santa Claus which is very eye catching and worth watching .

Not only thanksgiving is celebrated nationally, it’s also some gathering among family where they entertain among themselves. Some games are good ones played at home. Games like stool ball which is an old outdoor game.
There are some other games like bird, beast or fish and sometimes the traditional game like twenty questions. A good luck ritual on Thanksgiving Day is done by using the ‘wishbone’ of the turkey.

The day after Thanksgiving Day is known as “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally one of the busiest shopping days of the year with sales and early bird specials at many retail stores. Shoppers see Black Friday as a chance to pick up items at cheaper prices and retailers use it as a way to estimate Christmas sales figures.

Thanksgiving is a day when many guests are invited and the family has a reunion where more tidings and happiness are shared .This occasion has its uniqueness that it carries with other special holiday in United States.

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