Thanksgiving is a Wonderful Time for Families

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year for families to be together. Most of us have many memories and experiences, such as visiting our grandma and eating her delicious food, or perhaps staying home with your immediate family for a quiet meal.

I grew up in the Midwest. As a child, I would visit my grandparents, and upon arrival I could already smell the food cooking. Usually we’d have the standard turkey dinner, although on certain years we’d celebrate with an occasional ham. I still enjoy a good honey baked ham to this day. For our side dishes we’d have items such as cranberry sauce, corn, green beans, and stuffing. Usually we’d finish the meal with a salad or a pie. There were always several choices of pie, such as cherry, apple and pecan.

As the food cooked, my parents would talk with other relatives while I played with my cousins. My cousins and I would do various things, such as riding our bikes, playing baseball or soccer, or just watching television and talking. We used to ride our bikes quite a bit, and I loved the cool November air. Usually the leaves have fallen, and the air feels fresh.

As I grew into my teens, usually I would go to my uncles house to see my cousins, or they would come to my house. My grandparents would also visit. We always stuck to the same meal because it became a tradition and no one complained. Mostly we’d all watch football on television, and just talk about things that have happened recently.

I’m an adult now. The traditions for me have changed slightly, but Thanksgiving does not, it’s still a wonderful time of the year. My brothers and I grew up and moved out of our parents home to live our own lives. I go to my mothers house every year now, and my brothers also visit. The meal has not changed, we sit down together at the table and enjoy our turkey dinner while talking. After dinner we relax and talk while the television plays in the background. Normally I’ll go home a couple hours after the meal, and of course I’ll take some food for the next day or two.

I think about what future Thanksgiving holidays will be like. Our children will grow up to remember it in the same ways as we do now. They will remember the things we did for them, and they will continue the tradition for their children. Thanksgiving will always be a wonderful time, because it’s about being thankful for what we have in our lives.

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