Thanksgiving Kitchen Decorations that Won’t Disturb Cooking

5 or so Great Ways to Decorate Without Overwhelming Yourself

Decorating a kitchen without disturbing the flow and workspace is really tricky, but rest assured, it can be done. The trick is to decorate without causing clutter. And that is not as hard as it sounds. Here are some of the ways I decorate my kitchen without using up my counter space commodity. One way I add some Thanksgiving flair is by replacing my everyday salt and pepper shakers with a little pilgrim set. They are so cute and bring a smile to my face when they look back at me from the back of the stove. Now they aren’t in the way of my cooking, and the shakers are just in the cabinet next to the stove. A little change but very effective.

Another of my favorite ways to bring the holiday to the kitchen (other than the wonderful food!) is by stringing a fall leave garland along the top of the kitchen window. You can actually have it above or drape it over the curtain rod like a new valance. To add even more flair I would add some family photos to the garland or some of my family’s reasons for being thankful. This really brings the holiday spirit to the kitchen and once again, it isn’t taking counter space so I will still have room for that great tasty turkey.

Now I don’t know about you, but I keep a soap pump next to the sink. So change it to a pumpkin shaped pump. Same amount of space used, but a great deal more of the holiday spirit in one little quick change. I am sure that you can find many different pumps to bring a smile to your kitchen as well.

Everyone has seen and purchased those little mini pumpkins. So, here is a little trick I have used. I place a hole in the top of that little pumpkin big enough for a tapered candle. Then I use a white or beige tapered candle in my new candle holder. I usually do this in a set of two. Now, I can flank my sink with this pretty and fast decoration. I don’t keep much around my sink. Again, I have a wonderful Thanksgiving/fall decoration without using up very much room. And I can still cook, clean and enjoy!

Ok who hasn’t seen a very pretty glass jar? I love these. I have read a thousand times that people use these for displaying their pasta, cereal, etc. So why not go ahead and fill it with leave shaped pasta that has fall colors. That would add some great flair to your kitchen while still being fairly functional as your pasta storage. I love this idea!

My final touch of Thanksgiving charm is just to add a simple decorative kitchen hand towel. I put these over my oven door handle. Or sometimes, I simply put one over the cabinet door under the sink. Slide a fall themed towel in your refrigerator handle for more Thanksgiving mood enhancers. Just a simple way to not disturb the flow and still get that warm Thanksgiving glow.

I hope that these easy Thanksgiving decoration ideas have helped you come up with a way to brighten your kitchen as you cook up some family fun!

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