Thanksgiving Pilgrim Scrapbook Layout in Fireworks MX 2016

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a Thanksgiving Pilgrims scrapbook layout in Fireworks MX 2016. You can use any version of Fireworks. This tutorial was created using the MX 2016 version. This is a scrapbook layout for Thanksgiving. On the layout is two pilgrim children at the bottom of the layout. We will duplicate the first graphic to get the second graphic. I also applied a texture to the background. I will walk you through each step of creating this Thanksgiving pilgrim scrapbook layout.

First, you will need to create a new canvas to work on. Create the canvas the size that you need the scrapbook page to be. The canvas color will not matter because we will be covering it up anyway. Click OK to create the new canvas.

Now you will need to select the rectangle tool from the toolbar on the left. Draw a rectangle to cover your canvas. Draw the rectangle the same size as the canvas. We will be using the edge of the rectangle for the border. Change the color fill of the rectangle to # 92563B. Change the Texture to Line-Diag 2. Then change the amount of texture to 50%.

Now you will need to change the border options. The border color will be # 593424. The stroke category is Bristle. The amount of the stroke needs to be set to 3. The texture will need to be set to fiber and the amount of texture will need to be set to 20%. That is the border. You will probably need to adjust the stroke size depending on the size of your scrapbook page.

Next, we will add the graphics to the Thanksgiving scrapbook layout. This graphic can be found at Abideth. Click the Abideth link to visit the page with the graphic. Locate the pilgrim children graphic and copy it. Right click on the graphic and click Copy Image. Go back to your Fireworks program and paste the graphic on your page.

You will need to delete the background of the graphic. Grab your Magic Wand Tool and click the white part of the background. Then press delete on your keyboard. Delete all of the white background this way.
You may need to resize the graphic. You can resize the graphic by using the transform tool in the tool bar. You can shrink it down or make it larger. After you have the graphic the way that you want it, you can duplicate it. Right click on the graphic and click Edit > Duplicate. Drag the duplicated graphic to the other corner of your page.
Now you can add your frames. You can use square frames, rectangle frames, or circle frames. Draw your frames on the canvas. The border color fill is # 593924 and the size is 2. The stroke category is 1-Pixel Soft. After you have created your frames, you can export your Thanksgiving Pilgrims scrapbook layout.

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