Thanksgiving Treats for a New Neighbor

Moving to a new neighborhood is difficult any time of year, but never more so than during the holidays. Feeling out of place and unfamiliar with the area as well as with the families that make up the neighborhood can create feelings of isolation and loneliness. Although extending the hand of friendship is welcomed and appreciated by a newcomer to the area at any time of year, the simple act of kindness takes on more significant meaning during holiday time. Here are some ideas to make a new neighbor feel acknowledged and welcome at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Card. Greeting card manufacturers have created lovely options in Thanksgiving cards in recent years. While it was relatively unheard of to send Thanksgiving cards when I was growing up, it is now very easy to find mass produced cards for any and every holiday. Sending your new neighbor a warm and festive Thanksgiving card with a few handwritten lines expressing your pleasure at having them in the neighborhood as well as an open invitation to call on you, will give your new neighbor a positive view of the neighborhood and make them feel as though they are among friends.

Invitation To Join You For Dessert On Thanksgiving. Although it may feel a bit presumptuous to invite your new neighbor to join you and your family for Thanksgiving dinner, he or she will surely appreciate, and just may take you up on the offer to visit your home for dessert. If your new neighbor is far from family and friends in their new home and is planning on spending the holiday alone, an invitation to join you for holiday dessert will make Thanksgiving a bit brighter for them and afford you both the opportunity to get to know each other under pleasant and relaxed circumstances.

Thanksgiving Basket. A wicker basket filled with decorative gourds, dried corn, an Autumn scented candle and some pantry staples such as crackers, coffee, cookies, spices and gourmet tea bags is a wonderful way to welcome a new neighbor during the holiday season. If you feel uneasy about taking the step of knocking on the neighbor’s door to introduce yourself and present the basket, you can leave it on the front porch or steps with a note card welcoming them to the neighborhood and listing your contact information. This will prevent a possibly awkward moment and give the neighbor a chance to settle in before socializing.

Homemade Pie. A pumpkin or apple pie made from scratch is a very thoughtful way to welcome a new neighbor at Thanksgiving. If you find yourself spending many hours in the kitchen just prior to Thanksgiving making your award winning pies from scratch, add an extra one to your total for the brand new addition to your neighborhood. A fresh, homemade pie accompanied by an invitation for coffee will surely make your new neighbor feel much more at home in their new surroundings and create a relaxed and comfortable opportunity for both of you to take a break from the holiday preparations and become acquainted.

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