A Prayer
Stories have been written about how and why Thanksgiving started. The stories vary. It matters little to me. I am an American Christian and I celebrate Thanksgiving every day!

Thankful and Grateful:

Thankful and grateful are two words with similar meanings. Thankful is expressing thanks.

Grateful is being appreciative. Expressing a proper sense of favors received, more especially, acknowledgment of Divine Favor.

I was taught that I should be thankful for favors and to acknowledge my feelings. I do that. I was also taught that being grateful is an action word and that I should attempt to return favors whenever and wherever possible. I do that. There are numerous ways of expressing gratitude daily. A cheerful smile to a stranger is uplifting or a prayer for others’ health, happiness and prosperity is heard and acknowledged more than I know. When waiting for a red light to turn green, I pray for the people in the surrounding vehicles. I appreciate the Divine Favors I have been given and hopefully my actions daily, in my small way, will acknowledge my gratitude and pass some of those

Divine Favors along to others.


Thanksgiving is a day set aside for rendering thanks, especially to God. A day set aside for acknowledgment or celebration of Divine goodness and mercies. Yes, on that day there will be turkey, dressing, gravy and all the necessary accompaniments, it is expected by my family. There will be sports on the television for napping and possibly family to visit. It will be a glorious day.

What about today?

Did you arise this morning and thank God for this day? Did you thank Him for who you are and where you are today? I did. He has made me who I am and allowed me to live where I live. He has done that, I have not. I am grateful for Divine Favor. Are you? Do not wait until Thanksgiving……..start today.

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