The Best Halloween Decorations for Your Yard

The best Halloween yard decorations are the ones that make those passing by stop or slow down to take a second, slower look. A truly successful decoration will bring these people close or back around the block to admire your hard work. Make no mistake, a perfect yard tales a lot of work. This article is only the tip of the iceberg. Once you know what decorations to use, you have to figure out how to make them, set them up for the best possible effect, and then enjoy them.

First. The best Halloween yard decorations.

Spiderwebs. Done correctly, these eerie webs give the appearance of a horror film. If you look at it and think: Something could really be living in there, then you’ve done it justice. If not, tear it down and start over. Nothing is worse than a stringy, clearly ties off web that sags and blows in the wind. Do it right.

A witch’s cauldron over a fire ring or pit. This is a classic and if you know how to use Dry Ice, will provide a realistic effect that sets off the other decorations. Do not use a $4.00 plastic kettle and a hastily built ring and expect it to be the best. Put the time into it to make it great.

Carved pumpkins. No Halloween yard is complete without pumpkins and a quickly carved gourd is fine if a family fun thing is what you are aiming for. If you want the best Halloween yard decorations, do it right. Take the four hours and carve out a masterpiece,(You can get stencils online for free) then light it and display it properly. Do not throw in a candle and set it on the steps. Built a cardboard alter, string up blinking Christmas lights and then cover it with another carefully places spiderweb. Beautiful and no danger of fire.

A skeleton. Another staple of the best Halloween yard decorations, this must be a hanger of realistic looking bones, not a yellow and black skull that is clearly mad made. Go to a Halloween supply store and try to get the one who’s teeth are either black or missing. It adds effect.

Fog. A machine humming quietly under you music will lend an eerie tone to your yard and enjoyment to you and those viewing it. Most small fog machines can be purchased for $25.00.

Scary music is not necessarily a yard decoration but it goes with them and will cover the sound of the fog machine.

Some of the best Halloween yard decorations are the ones that draw a response from those who see it. Having a 30 foot spider or a 15 foot ghost, if they are done with taste, can also be a great addition. Surprise and shock get attention. Use size to your advantage. Using cardboard boxes lines with heavy rocks, create a 20 foot Happy Halloween Sign, compete with a string of flashing lights.

Now you know the best yard decorations for halloween.



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