The Greatest Adult Fantasy Horror Comic Covers of All Time (No.6) Edgar Allan Poe’s Creepy Stories-Creepy #69

The importance of artist Ken Kelly in relation to his contribution to Creepy Comics would be to what John F. Kennedy meant to our nation when change needed to occur. This cover art is a sparkling reminder of the magnitude that it bears on American comics. In the United States there are many comic enthusiasts whom agree that Ken Kelly rates among the top 10 American comic artist of our century. This cover celebrating the works of author Edgar Allan Poe is a bold statement to the artist’s contribution for his love of the horror genre. This is a most excellent observance in detail of how the artist installed the most dramatic pose of terror. It is as though you can feel the gauntlet slicing the life away at the chain and bound victim. In the dark catacombs of the tomb where the man lay helpless, it almost seems premature why the artist decided to place one skull right at the foot of the death bed. The commanding presence of the artist technique and use of colors is a wonderful testament to his creative skill and in-depth talent.

Each and every one of the detail that is presented in this cover meshes into an organized pleasure for comic fans to enjoy. This comic cover is superbly done, and leaves comic art fans speechless. Can you feel the terror on the face of the subject? The artist rendering of The Pit and Pendulum takes a cue and inspiration from classical wits of many horror writers, and in return has ushered in some of the most fantastic and breath taking cover art in this day and era. And without a doubt, Edgar Allan Poe has inspired many artists to make many great renderings from his great tales of horror. Another great addition that makes this cover visually appealing is the artist use of deep dark overtones in relation to his color scheme. This is one of the reasons why this cover will remain a timeless masterpiece.



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