The Hardest and Best Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween

Pumpkin carving is a ritual that many if not most people who celebrate Halloween look forward to. What used to be all about the basic triangle shape eyes and squared snagged teeth has grown, and people now challenge themselves with stencils of various scenes and faces.It’s funny to think about how carving for me was all about the pumpkin seeds my mother would salt and bake. As I grew older the process to get to the seeds was only a plus and I began to carve the pumpkin myself, challenging my coordination and creativity to intricate silly faces and complicated and creepy scenes. Here are 10 extremely difficult Halloween themed stencils that I have comes across with their attached links and a description. Here is also a great site to find some more printable stencils online:

  1. The words, ” Happy Halloween” in cool writing. There is nothing harder than carving a Halloween theme, other than carving the actual words of Happy Halloween. With cool block writing this will sure get people’s attention.

  1. 5 Pumpkin Faces on 1 Pumpkin.

This intricate and complicated stencil takes time, and talent.

  1. Michael Jackson Thriller. Put the king of pop from the thriller video on your pumpkin. Though you need to register to use this pattern, it will be a thrilling time well worth it.

  1. George Carlin. This is an extremely hard pumpkin stencil to carve. Not only will it be memorializing a great comedian it will also show off your true talent. Bring out the laughter and creativity with this stencil.

  1. The Death Star. Star wars will go head over heals for this intricate and time-consuming pumpkin tutorial. Special instructions for how to create this masterpiece could only show you how to work this, as a stencil is just not big enough.



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