Three Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas for Your Halloween Party

Gravestone cupcakes:

a package of Milano (Pepperidge Farm) cookies or similar-shaped cookie
premade icing, gel or opaque, in black, brown or gray
cupcake frosting, homemade or purchased, dyed dark green with food coloring

Frost each cupcake with a generous layer of green frosting to imitate grass. Insert a milano into the frosting to hide the bottom rounded edge, and frost with premade icing to imitate color of a gravestone. If desired, write “RIP” on the gravestone using black or other color. Repeat for each cupcake.

Bat cupcakes:

Gummi bears in color of choice
cupcake frosting in dark blue, to imitate sky
Black decorators’ frosting
Red frosting- optional

Frost each cupcake with dark blue frosting. With sharp knife, slice each gummy bear in half width-wise so that the facial features are sliced off from the rest. Position on cupcake with cut side up, arranged to look like bat wings (former head end out). With black decorators’ frosting, add a body and a head. Optional: add eyes with red frosting. Repeat for each cupcake.

Pumpkin patch/ fall harvest cupcakes:

Mellocreme pumpkin candy (pumpkin-shaped candy corn)
Green decorator’s frosting- optional
cupcake frosting, homemade or purchased, in brown

Frost each cupcake with brown frosting to imitate bare ground of a pumpkin patch. Add three pumpkins, randomly positioned. Optionally, use green frosting to create stems on the ground and connecting stems between the pumpkins. Repeat for each cupcake.

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