Three Ready-to-Ship Cakes for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays

Do you want to provide your family with some delicious cakes for the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals? Don’t worry; you can feed your family with style even if you don’t have time to make the cakes from scratch. Here are three holiday cakes that taste as good as any cake you can make in your own kitchen:

Original Smith Island Cake. Treat the chocolate lovers in your family to a rare holiday treat with the Original Smith Island Cake, the official cake of Maryland. Your chocolate-loving guests will be happy as they sink their teeth into nine layers of yellow cake, each layer topped with fudge-like icing. You can order this cake in the large size or small, and it comes shipped in a special cake tin for protection. You can order a large cake for a bit less than $45 from the Smith Island Cake Company.

Texas Pecan Fruitcake. This top-ranked and liquor-free fruitcake consists mostly of nuts, with little fruit, and that’s what makes the cake so delicious. You can buy the cake in both large and small size, and you can freeze one of these fruitcakes for about 9 months. The cakes are costly, but so are the ingredients in the cakes. You can order your Texas Pecan Fruitcake for a price of just under $29 up to just under $43.

Cranberry Almond Teacake. Give your holiday guests an alternative to the traditional Fruitcake by serving a buttery cake full of Cranberries and Almonds. This light cake works well as an anytime cake, including a holiday cake. The Cranberry Almond Teacake is light on the tummy and easily satisfies the sweet tooth. The price is right, too. You can order your cake for around $14 per cake from Bien Fait Specialty Cakes of Vermont. This online store offers variations of this tea cake, as well. Serve one option at Thanksgiving and another at Christmas

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