Tin Halloween Purse Craft

This tin Halloween purse is made from an empty dishwashing tablet container. I love using recycled materials to make fun Halloween crafts.

You little girl can use the metal container yoru dishwashing power ball tablets come in once it is empty to make a fun little metal purse that reminds me of a cigar box purse!

A jack o lantern is the inspiration for this little tin Halloween purse!

To Make a Jack O Lantern Purse From Recycled materials You Will Need:

1 Tin or Metal dishwashing tablet box


Paints (orange and yellow)

Paint brush

Glitter, jewels, other recycled craft materials

I actually came up with the idea for this Halloween tin purse because I love those cigar box purses. I had used up a tin of the Electrosol powerball tabs and was left with such a cute little tin; it just had to be made into something!

To get started you want to lay out some newspaper. You can spray on or paint on a layer of Kilz primer. It really is a great idea to prime the metal. This will help the paint stick.

Now, once the primer dries you want to paint the whole body of the little tin Halloween purse.

Now, I know pumpkins are traditionally orange, but you do not have ot stick with that Halloween color scheme.

You can paint the body of the tin purse pink, blue, purple, orange or any color!

Now, let this layer of paint dry.

While the paint is drying on your little tin Halloween purse have the kids work on the design they will be adding.

You really have quite a few options when customizing your little tin Halloween purse craft.

The face of the Jack O Lantern on the front of the purse can be made by gluing one jewels, beads, and marbles with flat backs.

The face of the Halloween Jack O Lantern purse can also be painted on!

Use a clear epoxy glue if gluing on embellishments. This will really hold up.

Now, on to the handle.

You will need to help the kids with this step of the Halloween purse craft. Use a nail to poke a hole in the left and right side of the metal tin.

Se some sand paper to sand any sharp edges. Now, string a piece of floral wire or 16 gage wire with beads. Tie a knot at each end.

Now, slip the straight end into the hole and tie another knot to hold it inside of the Halloween purse craft.

You are finished!



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