Tips for an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for family, a bountiful food table, the love that surrounds you, and the Earth that nurtures you. At this time its nice to choose to do whatever we can in an Eco friendly way. We need to never forget the environment that we live in and we need to continue to nurture it.
Here are ten tips on how to make Thanksgiving an Eco friendly holiday.

1) When it’s time to shop head to the store with your reusable grocery bags. Don’t take the plastic bags or the paper bags the store hands out. Pack plenty of your reusable grocery bags for the many items that you will be purchasing. Remember that some items don’t even need bags such as the turkey, gallons of milk, or any large bags or boxes. These you can simply carry out to your car.

2) Try to take the time to shop for healthy, green items. If you can afford to shop at a Natural Health Food Supermarket such as Wild Oats then go there. You will find many items that are packaged in recycled packaging which will aid in your Eco friendly holiday endeavors. If you must shop at a regular supermarket then take a little extra time to locate items packaged in recycled packaging.

3) When buying the produce that you need for your dinner buy only natural organic produce. No pesticides. This is better for you and your family. It also helps save wildlife and the environment.

4) Please buy a natural turkey. There are free range natural turkeys available at virtually all health food stores. These turkeys do cost more but they are healthier. They do not contain hormones, they are butchered humanely, most of them live a free range lifestyle which means that they are not contained in filthy pens awaiting execution. Many turkeys are housed in horrendous conditions and they never even see the light of day from birth to death. A natural turkey has lived out under the sun and enjoyed life in a natural way.

5) If you will have a large group of people at your house then you can keep your thermostat set low during Thanksgiving. People heat a house up and running the oven also warms the house. There is no reason to use excessive amounts of energy to heat the house.

6) Do not use excessive amounts of water to rinse the dishes. Simply scrape the food off completely using a fork and then utilize the dishwasher for your washing needs. Make sure your dishwasher is set to air dry instead of the heat dry option to conserve energy.

7) Use only natural candles in your house for the holidays. Do not use petroleum based candles. You can purchase bees wax candles at health food stores or specialty candle stores.

8) Decorate your house in natural decorations instead of plastics or artificial flowers that are made out of plastics and silks.

9) Remember that if you order a bouquet of flowers to only buy them from a florist that does not buy flowers that have been sprayed by pesticides. Many florists are now Eco Friendly. Do not be afraid to ask them if they support the environment and the world by not utilizing pesticide soaked flowers in their arrangements.

10) When your guests arrive and leave suggest ride sharing. This cuts down on car usage. Be sure to send each one of them home with a little bit of the leftovers. That way not food will be wasted.

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