Tips for Celebrating Thanksgiving in a College Dorm or Apartment

Thanksgiving in a college dorm room or in a small apartment can be a challenge. You are probably cooking challenged since your cooking area is probably less then ideal for making a large dinner. Thanksgiving can still be nice even if your kitchen is small or none. These days there is several ways to have a Thanksgiving dinner without a kitchen.

One way to have Thanksgiving without cooking much or at all is by ordering your food from a grocery store. Many grocery stores will take your Thanksgiving order and you can pick the dinner up on Thanksgiving Day.
You can enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with whom ever you wish. It can be dorm friends or your spouse on your first Thanksgiving together. Twenty six years ago my husband and I had Thanksgiving for the first time in our small kitchen with my father. It was spectacular. Sometimes less people is better.

You don’t have a buy a big Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. You can have a Cornish hen if you are dinning alone or with one person. Or you can have a chicken for four people. If you don’t like Dark meat have just a turkey breast.

If the weather is warm you can go on a picnic in a park with cold sandwiches. Or you can have a cookout. Sometimes eating out can be special with what ever you eat.
If you are far from family and you miss them you can have Thanksgiving on the phone. Enjoy the parade on television with family as you talk on the phone.

Some restaurants like Perkins are open on Thanksgiving. You will probably feel guilty about making the waitress work on a holiday but just give a big tip.

If you find it difficult to have a holiday alone you can treat Thanksgiving like a regular day. Don’t’ do to much different and just relax and take the day off. That can be nice too.
Make yourself a special treat that is something you love but don’t get too often. Your favorite candy bar or ice
cream treat can be a simple celebration.

Study some religion or read a bible for some inspiration if you have to spend the holiday alone.

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