Tips for Decorating Your Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

Tips for Decorating your Trick or Treat BagIt’s almost time to hit the sidewalks and ring those doorbells all in the name of fun! But no costume would be complete without the finishing touches… your Trick or Treat Bag! I’ve put together some simple tricks and tips for decorating your Halloween Trick or Treat bag. We hope you have a ghoulish time picking the right one for you.Remember safety comes first! Use reflective tape on your bags and stay away from highly flammable materials. Burlap may look good with your scarecrow costume but it can go up in flames quick. Also use bags proportioned to the child who will be carrying it. Although it’s quite cute seeing a tiny tot with a huge Halloween sack, it’s no fun for the tot to drag around and trip over.1.Spook up your standard plastic Jack-o-Lantern with some bandages to create a Mummy Tote. Here’s how: Using medical gauze is smart. It’s ready to roll with no extra cutting. Glue with a hot glue gun (Moms, you can do this part!) the end of the strip. Then let your child wind the gauze around the pumpkin, occasionally glue spots as you go along. For fun you might want to leave a Jack-o-Lantern eye poking out. Use reflective tape on the handle. What a great Halloween Trick or Treat Bag for all ages!2. Shriek it up with Spider Covered Tote. This time of year it’s easy to find bags of black spiders at your local party center or party store. Let your child express his creepy creativity with this Trick or Treat Bag. Let your child use Elmer’s glue to apply glue on the foot tips of the spiders and glue them to his bucket. Allow plenty of time to dry. Hot glue can be used too. (Moms will need to help with this one too.) For extra fun, hang a few extra spiders from white yarn from your bucket. Creepy and fun Halloween Trick or Treat Bag. Use reflective tape on the handle.3. For the Princess how about a Sparkly Tote. Use again an inexpensive plastic Jack-o-Lantern and spray paint it pink. From the craft store buy a large bag of glitter stones in a variety of shapes and colors. In the crevices between the stones let her stream Elmer’s glue and sprinkle with loose glitter one side at a time. Make sure you allow enough time to dry. Let your princess go to town with her glittered up pink tote. Use reflective tape on the handle. This would be a unique Halloween Trick or Treat Bag.4. A fun idea for your mini Paris or Pop Diva would be the Chihuahua Bag. Let her carry a purse with a tiny stuffed Chihuahua hanging out the top. You could tape the mini pup to the inside of her purse or glam bag. You can find second hand purses and totes at the thrift store. This Halloween Trick or Treat Bag would cause quite a fashionable stir and keep your real pooch at home!5. Use your standard plastic Jack-o-Lantern to make a Creepy Eye Ball Tote. You could do this craft a few ways. First, you could find and print eye ball clip art from the web let your little ones cut and paste eye balls all over their tote. Or you could visit the party store for a large bag of round plastic eye balls. Use your glue to get those eye balls stuck to your tote. You may want to spray paint your bucket it black first. Another creepy eyeball idea would be to spray paint it the plastic tote all black and glue a giant eye on the front of your tote using printed clip art. Kind of like a Cyclops. Either way you’ve got a great Halloween Trick or Treat bag your child will love.6. Scare up some fun with a Ghostie Tote. Again use a plastic Jack-o-Lantern (we always have plenty) and for this the shape is perfect. First you’ll need some white fabric about four foot by four foot. Turn your Jack-o-Lantern upside down in the center of your fabric. Draw a line around the outside of the tote and cut along the lines. Before apply the cloth to the bucket, draw with a black marker or sharpie to black circles for eyes and color them in. Then take glue and glue the cut out circle around the upper rim of the tote. Instant spooky! I love this Halloween Trick or Treat Bag. 7. Here’s an idea that’s guaranteed to turn your stomach, a Chum Bucket! This tote is kind of creepy and should probably be used by older kids. For this you’ll need a five gallon bucket, some old tennis shoes, a pair of paints and some wooden dowels and paint. First spray paint your chum bucket red. After it dries paint with black craft paint the words Chum Bucket on the outside. Then you will need two wooden dowels of equal size about 2 to 2 1/2 feet long. You’ll need a to buy dowels that are pretty wide to offset the weight of the tennis shoes. Using old tennis shoes from the thrift store glue inside each shoe a half of a Styrofoam ball with a glue gun. Don’t glue directly to the Styrofoam because the heat will cause it to shrink and melt. then cut the pant legs from the pant and pull a pant sleeve over each wooden dowel. Then stick the pant leg dowels into the shoe. You’ll need to glue two thick Styrofoam bricks in the bottom of your five gallon bucket and stick your dowels in. A cool but gross Halloween Trick or Treat Bag.8. Your child will love this one it’s a Pirate’s Booty Bag. You’ll need a tan or brown pillowcase from a yard sale or thrift store. You’ll need some rope and some plastic gold coins. first take the gold plastic coins and glue them to the outside of the pillowcase. You can use Elmer’s or hot glue. Then, you’ll need to cut pillowcase and the seam of the opening in order to slide your rope through the pillowcase hem. Pulling the two sides together tie them in sturdy note and leave plenty of rope for your child to carry his bag. You may want to put a small pillow in the bottom of the pillowcase to give it some weight and look full. A fun and easy Halloween Trick or Treat Bag.9. Using a brown paper tote bag with twine handles you can make a Pumpkin Face Tote.This one is great of a child who doesn’t like spooky. (I have one of those.) Mom or Dad, you can cut out from orange construction paper different size orange circles or pumpkins. Then let your little artist decorate and glue on those faces. Super easy and a not scar Halloween Trick or Treat Bag.10. One of my favorite Trick or Treat Bag ideas in this fun and Furry Faux Tote. The key to this tote is to get shaggy fur of any color. The thrift store often has faux fur rugs or stuffed animals with shaggy hair that you could use. Using a medium plastic Easter bucket or old Halloween bucket cover the bucket in strips with the fur. I would use hot glue for this. You could even use different swatches and colors of fur, just make sure they are real shaggy. Then from the party store get one pair of large stick on eyeballs and under stick those on your bucket. Everyone will wonder “What is that?”. This is a really fun and quirky Trick or Treat Bag for Halloween.



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