Tips for Painting Halloween Windows for Your Home or Business

Painting Halloween Windows1

Halloween is a time of year where the decorations for homes and businesses really get going before the Christmas holiday. Painting window decorations for Halloween are a great way to show off your Halloween spirit. Window painting is cheap, fun and attracts the eyes of passer-bys. Kids, teens and adults can all participate in making the community look festive for the Halloween season. Use these tips to make your Halloween decoration adventure a safe and pleasant experience.

Permission Slips- These are very important especially if this project is for a class trip. Art teachers often get a group of businesses to which they can take their students to. The class then gets to paint the windows for Halloween. Permission slips for students is an informative way to tell parents about the trip and also to make sure the student is able to go.

Business List- The businesses that wish to have their windows painted must speak with the person in charge of organizing this event. Having a mapped out route of the city or community you will be in will help you keep on a timed schedule.

Chaperones- Chaperones are going to be needed if you are taking a big group of kids or students. Ask parents to volunteer there time. You should have 1 chaperone for every 5-6 students.

Set the Day and Time- Set up the day and time you will be heading to the businesses who want their windows decorated for Halloween. Notify the business and work with them so that you are not there when they hit a consumer rush.

Get your supplies- Paint brushes and paints are your most important supplies. Tempera paints are best because they can be washed off easily. You will also need small jars to place the paint in. Baby food jars work really well for this. Paint brushes can be of all shapes and sizes. Sponges are good also for some painting techniques.

Practice- Practice at home before you go off to paint a business. One reason is so that you can paint with less errors and the second reason is so that you can decorate your windows at home.

Theme Your Painted Windows- Halloween has many items that are worthy of painting on windows. Black Cats, Orange Jack-o-Lantern’s, White Ghosts and Green Monsters are among the many ideas.

Partner Up- Each person should choose a partner to paint with. This will help speed up the time and will give kids/students a chance to learn about team work. Talk about what you want to express before painting. If you both do pumpkins then the window might look drab. If one of you does a black cat while the other does a pumpkin with candy corn spilling out the work will look better.

Double Check- Double check your work! If there are any mistakes then correct them with soap, water and a towel. You want your Halloween Window Decorations to be top notch!

Don’t Forget Halloween Announcements- Happy Halloween, BOO and Enter at your own risk are all great additions to the painting of characters for Halloween. It will show off the business or home’s Halloween spirit. Have fun with window painting. Maybe the businesses who ask you to paint their windows will have you back to paint them for Thanksgiving, Christmas or next Halloween.


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