Top 10 Web Sites for Halloween Decorations

Where I Found Some Awesome Halloween Decoration Ideas

Seeing as Halloween is my favorite holiday, I had too much fun looking at all the great Halloween décor and ideas and crafts that I found in these 10 websites. Here are the reasons that you should take a good look too. is a really great site to get some pretty neat décor, especially for the yard. What a fun website to find great holiday decorations, really geared for a more family friendly audience. And they are running a huge ½ off sale. So it even brings their prices to a reasonable range. is a great site for more cutesy and child friendly decorations. They also sport some really great prices, just like their name implies! has a great selection. Their supplies and decorations are super cool. They have a wide range of choices: from décor to novelties. Their prices are very decent as well. Give them a try. is really for those that are crafty at heart. Just for those that can take a look at something just once and know how it put it together. This site sports videos on costumes and much more. The videos will show you how to achieve the Halloween look you want for your parties. HGTV also has many links to help you enhance your décor as well. is not just for costumes, although they do have quite a large selection of them. This site even has some great yard decorations for those that are going to decorate to the hilt. Other decoration types are also found here. Their prices are very reasonable too. is really an extension of the magazine. It has lots of links to decorating ideas, to décor and how-tos for many Halloween ideas. Very helpful for a one-stop shopping experience. There is also a link to seems to be the place to go for all your holiday do it yourself crafts. They have ideas, instructions and such. The information is free. So this is definitely a great source of information for those that thrive on creating their own decorations totally from scratch. is an awesome site, especially if money is no object. The prices are very high, but the products are neat and scary. Would really make an all out type of haunted house out of your home. They have such items as DVDs, books, candles, props and Gothic decorations. Check it out if this sounds like your kind of spooky setting. has upper end prices, but those products are totally upper end as well. They really carry a very full selection of all kinds of supplies, including animatronics. Who could go wrong with animatronics? Currently they have some sales going on. Give them a look-see! is a great place to get bulk Halloween decorations and party favors. They even have tons of kid friendly crafts. And they sell these at bulk rate prices. Great for those on a budget! Really great ideas for parties with children involved. Love to shop here.

Well, this is my list of the top 10 websites for Halloween decorations. I hope that you found something to help you get the Halloween party that you long to have this year. Happy Haunting!



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