Top Halloween Crafts for a Halloween Party

Are you having a Halloween Party this year for kids? Instead of buying a lot of useless decorations and treat holders, why not let your child make them for his friends. Your children can make a few things, before the party and then you can let all the kids make some things during the party. Kids love to make their own take home treats and gifts.

Treat Cups- Mummified

Good For kids of all ages


White Felt

Eyes, should be wiggle eyes

Black or Orange Felt


Plastic Cups, One for each person plus one



Paint Brush

Step #1- Cut your white felt into small strips. If your children are young, parents should complete this step.

Step #2- Mix white glue with a little bit of water. This will make your glue easy to paint on. Perfect for younger children who can not handle a bottle of glue very well.

Step #3- Have your child paint glue onto the bottom sides of the cup. Then place the white felt strips around the cup. Creating a layered effect. Once the bottom end is done, repeat for the top end of the cup. You should have your entire cup covered so that it looks like a mummy.

Step #4- In the middle of the cup, take your eyes and glue them on tight.

Step #5- Using your black or orange felt, cut a bow shape or a tie shape, depending on if you want a boy cup or a girl cup. If you did a girl cup, please the bow on the top of the cup. If you choose a boy cup, place the tie at the lower bottom.

Tips: Fill with candy for a treat cup. Use different color bows and ties, assign children a color and this can be their drinking cup.

Worm Pudding

A great treat your children can make prior to the party.


Clear Plastic Cups

Orange and Black Gummy Worms

3 boxes of chocolate instant pudding (adjust for amount of children)

Chocolate Sprinkles


Step #1- Prepare instant pudding as directed on package and chill in fridge

Step #2- Once pudding has chilled, divide into clear plastic cups. Make amounts even so there are no arguments.

Step #3- Using a grinder or a food processor; grind your ¾ of your chocolate sprinkles until they resemble a chunky dust type. Sprinkle the remaining sprinkles into the cups evenly. Sprinkle half of your dust into the cups evenly.

Step #4- Gather your worms and start placing these into the cups. You should have 3-4 worms per cup. The worms should have half their body in the pudding and half sticking out of the pudding. Sprinkle remaining dust over worms to create a dirty effect.

Halloween Necklace

A great simple party favor the children can make themselves


Orange yarn

Black Spider Rings

Orange Spider Rings

Halloween Life Savors

Halloween Candy Beads

Step #1- Cut your Yarn into varies lengths. Make necklace sizes along with bracelet sizes. Don’t be surprised if the children want to make one of each.

Step #2- Place the candy into several serving size bowls. Place the rings around the table.

Step #3- Help the children string their candy onto the necklace, placing different color candies along with rings. Teach them how to create patterns, along with matching colors up.

Step #4- Tie off ends and let the children enjoy wearing their edible art work.



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