Two Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts

Holidays are a special time of year. No matter what the occasion or the holiday, it is fun to decorate and prepare. Making crafts with your children or for yourself can be great fun. Some very crafty people make a lot of money with their hobby. Others just enjoy the peace that it brings to their bodies.

No matter why you like to make crafts, you will love getting into the Halloween spirit with these easy and fun crafts. They are great for children and adults of all ages.

Spooky Sparkling Spider


Purple paint

8 black chenille sticks (pipe cleaners)

4 inch diameter syrofoam ball

Sponge to apply paint

2 large wiggly eyes

Hot glue and hot glue gun

Purple sequins and sequin pins or craft gems


Use the sponge to paint the whole styrofoam ball purple. Using a sponge is much easier than a brush. Spray paint does not work well on Styrofoam. Allow the ball to dry.

Bend the eight chenille sticks to form spider legs. Bend a small portion out at the bottom for the foot. Also bend at the knee in the middle of the stick.

Insert the legs into the ball (spider’s body). Four should be on each side.

Hot glue the eyes onto the spider’s head.

Use sequin pins to place the sequins on the spider’s back. You can also glue craft gems if desired.

Move the legs so that the spider can stand on its own.

Pasta Skeleton


Black construction paper

Different pastas (macaroni noodles, wagon wheel, spaghetti, tube pasta, small tube pasta, shell pasta, spirals)

2 Lima beans



Begin the skeleton by gluing on wagon wheel pasta on the black construction paper near the top. This will be the head.

Place about five small tube pastas straight down form the head to form the spine.

Two larger tube pastas can be stuck out from each side of the spine to create shoulders.

Use four macaroni noodles on each side of the spine to form ribs. They look best if they are pointed down.

From the shoulders, use spiral pasta to create the arms. One at the top and one at the bottom of the arm. Make the two join and bend to create the elbow.

Place a small shell at the bottom of each arm to form the wrist. Use five small pieces of spaghetti to form the fingers on each hand.

Add two limbs beans at the end of the spine to form the hips.

Once again use spirals to form the legs. Place a spiral at the top portion of the leg. Then add a shell for the kneecap. Add another spiral.

At eh bottom of the leg add another shell for the ankle.

As with the hand add spaghetti pieces to form the toes.

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