Unique Centerpieces for Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be creative and set a beautiful table for your family and friends to enjoy your holiday feast. You carefully select the menu and all the ingredients, you arrange for everyone to be at your house, your make sure everyone knows when to be there and time your dinner perfectly. Your table should also reflect your desire for a perfect Thanksgiving celebration. Below are just a few ideas to brighten that table for your dinner:
Thanksgiving Edible Centerpiece
Find or purchase a large, tall, clear glass vase, not too wide but fairly tall. Have the kids select the most colored leaves from the yard that they can find. Then cut a piece of foam almost as tall as the vase but narrower than the top of the opening. Using a small piece of sticky putty, anchor the Styrofoam to the bottom of the inside of the vase. Then have the kids fill the vase with leaves totally covering the Styrofoam.
Bake old fashioned sugar cookies with the kids and cut them into the shape of pumpkins, leaves and turkeys. Bake and ice the cookies in bright colors. Carefully place the cookies on a long cookie stick that you can get at any local craft store. Then arrange the cookies in the styrofoam and add a few more leaves to the top. Scatter a few of the brightly colored leaves along the top of the table for additional decoration. Later after Thanksgiving dinner is over the kids can ‘eat’ the centerpiece.
Thanksgiving Soothing Candles
You will need one large, shallow glass bowl and four to six smaller glass bowls depending on the size of your table. Purchase one large Orange candle and then smaller votive candles in deep greens, reads, or bright yellows. At a craft store your can purchase glass stones in lovely colors, I recommend the green or red stones for this centerpiece. I also recommend a table runner in a rich deep color or with a Thanksgiving theme. Place the runner on the table first. Then the large glass bowl with the orange candle in the middle and gently pour the green glass stones into the bowl until full. Place in the middle of the table. Then using the smaller bowls, votive candles and red stones do the same thing and place those around the table. If you are using name cards on the table for your guests, use the glass stones to hold each card in place. A few additional stones can be sprinkled about the table.
Thanksgiving Simple Garden Arrangement
For another easy centerpiece just head outside to your perennial garden before guests arrive and cut some lovely hosta leaves from your garden. You might also grab a twig or two from the yard that has some bright colored leaves still on it or branches with berries. Inside arrange them so that they lie flat on the table or a gold rectangular platter with the stems toward the middle. With bright ribbon or raffia tie the stems all together and form a large bow with the ribbon/raffia. Place in the center of the table for a simple and natural centerpiece.
Thanksgiving Pictures Collage
Pull out your old photo albums and find years worth of pictures of Thanksgivings in the past. Then purchase the picture trees from frame shops or discount stores near you and arrange the pictures in a way that tells the story’s of Thanksgiving for your family. Place at least three on your table and add a lovely brightly colored ribbon to the tree. This will be a wonderful conversation piece all through dinner.
Thanksgiving Season Bowl
I love the shapes and sizes of the various gourds that are available in the fall. You can find them at garden stores or discount stores in all kinds of colors. I like to select a variety of yellow, green and white, orange and brown gourds and place them in a large wooden bowl. Then I add fresh red and green apples. Place the bowl in the middle of your table on a deep red runner for a simple and lovely table.

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