Window Painting for Halloween

There are many reasons, ways and techniques to use when painting your home or business window for Halloween. You could paint your windows for Halloween for a fundraising event, to help to beautify your community for Halloween, community Halloween window painting contest, allow children and adults to express their view of Halloween or maybe even to start Halloween window painting as an annual tradition. For a business it can be a way to show your support in the community, maybe to display Halloween items that are specially priced for the holiday, maybe your particular business caters to Halloween, as a way to encourage new customer prospects or your business might even promote a Halloween window painting contest amongst the community children, where they paint your windows for Halloween and the community votes for their number one choice. For whatever reason you should choose to paint your window for Halloween just remember to be creative and have fun while you do it.
Window Painting for Halloween
There are many ways in which to ‘paint’ your window for Halloween. If you are looking for an easy-on application or you simply are not the window cleaning type, try these simple techniques, with great results. You can go to any department store, craft supply store, drugstore or supermarket and pick up Halloween based static cling or window decals. If you have problems getting them to stick to your window, make sure window is clean or maybe try running water over them before you apply. If you would like to be more adventuresome you can go to and click on window painting and create your very own hand-painted window film. All of these items can be applied and removed fairly easy. You can even remove them and store them for next years Halloween window painting.

For those artistic types who want to be real creative, when it comes to painting their window for Halloween, try using these paints. Tempra paint (3:1 tempra paint/clear dish soap: for easy clean up), crayola paint, fingerpaints, acrylic paints, poster paints or window paints and sprays. All of these paints will clean up easily with your favorite window cleaner or warm soapy water. If the weather is not too cold, some of these paints will simply come off by spraying them with a garden hose.

When painting your window for Halloween use different paints and techniques to apply your paints. You can find a wide variety of stencils and sponges for Halloween. Use different size brushes and your fingers when applying the paint to create different effects.

Before I paint my window for Halloween I like to create my own picture on paper first. I will then blow my picture up to poster size and tape it to the inside of the window I want to paint. This makes getting your picture accurate, a lot easier. You just draw your outlines onto the window with a glass chalk pen and paint according to your specifications. Any of the paints mentioned will do a very fine job. After I have painted my window with Halloween items I will then apply a poster sized background scene, on window film, to the inside of my painted Halloween window. Thus, finishing my Halloween painted window.

These are just mere examples of how to paint your window for Halloween. Use your artistic side and come up with some of your own creative, Halloween window painting ideas.


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